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Use cases

Although LESR® would be capable of interpreting gestures, we found it too difficult for users to learn a new communication “language” on the fly. Therefore, we are using it like a button which the user can trigger by pointing on it – like touching a screen.

This button-like behavior is perfect for multiple choice applications, such as queuing systems, rating/feedback applications, conference room signs and many more. In most cases you do not have to change the content or devices at all when adding a LESR®.

Since the LESR® has an animated user interface with 14 LEDs and 16.7 million colors, it is easy to create a relation between the button and a content on the screen.

If you want to upgrade existing installations, you might want to use a LESR® Pad – an integrated solution of 1 to 8 rings in an aluminum case which you just connect by USB, Bluetooth or WiFi to your target Android or Windows device.

If you are looking for a solution to integrate into a kiosk, wall or furniture, we recommend the LESR® Kit.

Because of the many possible ways of communication, LESR® is ready to control not only touch screens but almost every device – from a single button to an elevator. Touchless. Contact us if you need a special integration.