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The LESR® connects to almost everything

The LESR® has a huge number of communication possibilities which is why it is so easy to add it to existing devices or create complex user scenarios.
Among the easier ones is using it as a Bluetooth keyboard. This can connect to all supporting devices, even a Samsung Tizen device for example. A simple keystroke can provoke an action on your screen.

The same is possible using the USB port – our Android and Windows service allows the emulation of an USB keyboard and to control mouse clicks anywhere on the screen. Your content can stay just as before – untouched.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated way to integrate your application, you can use our API using the serial port, our REST style API or via a Websocket-connection which works in both directions. Changes in your content are reflected by changing the user interface of the LESR® – this is absolutely unique and offers you possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

During 2021 we will release a number of pre-installed API supports, ready to interact with the most popular Digital Signage software like Broadsign, Grassfish, Scala, easescreen, Samsung and LG SoC and many more. No need to integrate our API into your application because we already support your API…

And if that is not enough, we support industry bus standards like UART, I2C and SPI. Which we can also use to add additional sensors, which can influence the LESR® behavior, among these GPS, motion, environment, gas and 100s of others.

Go get yourself a LESR® kit and start creating experiences NOW.