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Touchless for all screens

The LESR PAD enables you to change your kiosk system or touch screen into a touchless device. By colors, forms, or labelling, you create a link between the PAD and the content on your screen.

The Pad can simulate a mouse or keyboard (no changes to your existing device and content necessary) or can be integrated into your application by using the bidirectional API.

The PAD is available in different lenghts and with up to 16 LESR rings.



  • Power over USB (500mA to 2A)
  • Power over DC adaptor (9-12V, 2-3A)
  • Life span > 20.000h at 24/7
  • Aluminium + clear or tainted acryllic glass



  • Emulates bluetooth keyboard
  • Emulates USB mouse or keyboard
  • Preprogrammed and free REST calls, socket connection
  • comes with own REST API for bidirectional usage
  • Serial port communication with API