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Touchless, intuitive
versatile interaction
with screens and

Touch screen = super spreader

Touchscreens have changed how we interact with computers. They enable us to quickly communicate with both simple and complex computer systems.

Yet, touching public surfaces such as a touch screen is a concern for many people. COVID-19 has made this a front-of-mind issue for most people. Some organizations now use dedicated staff to operate their touchscreens for their customers. For example, some banks have staff to operate their touchscreen queuing ticket systems. A costly and inefficient solution to the problem.

What is the alternative? How can we interact with the screen without touching it?

Our solution: use our LESR – Light Emitting Sensor Ring technology. LESR is an affordable technology that is intuitive to use and to understand. It requires no app and no touch.

Attach LESR to already existing devices

Our LESR product was especially designed for multiple choice applications such as but not limited to:

  • Rating systems
  • Queuing systems
  • Interactive conference room door screens

A LESR PAD (panel of multiple LESR rings) operates the touchscreen. The user simply points to (but does not touch) the ring that matches their option, which is visualized by color, form or labelling of the buttons.

This is how it works…

The LESR pad connects to the touchscreen by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB.

The color or symbol of the LESR rings is configured to match the options on the screen. You might as well label the buttons if it suits your content.

Each LESR ring is configured to replicate a touch on a specific part of the screen (using coordinates, keystrokes or our API).

When the user points to a LESR ring, the ring starts to light up. If they continue pointing, the circle is completed, and the screen option is selected.

We can manufacture LESR PADs in colors and configurations to meet your requirements. It takes a technician less than 30 minutes to configure and install a LESR PAD to an existing touchscreen.

Please email us (sales@99sensors.com) with a brief description of your requirements, and we will get back to you within one working day.


We can produce different housings, colors, materials, LED configuration, LED matrices behaviors and user interfaces to your order from as low as 100 pieces


  • Controlling websites
  • Replacing buttons (eg in lifts)
  • Giving interactive Feedback
  • Enabling huge screens to become interactive

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