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Experience Management, Green IT, Anti-pandemic technologies: we connect sensors with digital signage and dashboards.

In cooperation with ISE and Invidis Consulting, we will be presenting technologies and solutions all around sensors at this years’ Experience Days from November 8th until November 12th.
The Experience Booth originally planned for the Digital Signage Summit on the subjects of “sensors” and “anti-pandemic technologies” will alternatively be shown in the premises of 99sensors GmbH near Limburg.

Among other things, we will present:

  • Contactless navigation through screen content using LESR buttons in a design column
  • Live comparison of visitor counting technologies (various sensors, cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth). Also included are Nexmosphere and Axis.
  • Sensor playground: experiment with different sensors (climate, indoor air quality, lift & learn, touchless buttons etc.) and see the reaction in live dashboards. Understand how experiences are created.
  • Make your digital signage greener, more durable and more sustainable – with little effort.
  • Disinfection – various devices and technologies for hand cleaning and air cleaning, integration in cloud-based environments with statistics and reports when the tank is empty
  • Playback Control – Monitoring of screens and players from all manufacturers, including a cloud-based escalation system
  • Programmatic Signage – Samsung Magic Info Content controlled by sensors and rules
  • KioskIQ – combine screens, sensors, climate control and players in one cloud application with statistics, alarms and escalation management by ACCENTA Music and POS
  • Make conference rooms safer with indoor air quality sensors, people counting and display / alarms
The number of participants is limited, we can only receive four visitor groups with a maximum of three participants per day and only after prior registration. For this we take the time to present you in detail the solutions and showcases that interest you.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Experience Days with us in Elz near Limburg! We will even pick you up from the ICE train station!