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DOOHid – the super
easy Android digital
signage software!

DOOHid is based on the most stable CMS in the world: Dropbox.

Content management with Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most stable file transfer systems in the world – always available, continued downloads after network interrupts, encrypted file sharing, user management, designated file sharing…. all of this proven a billion times. DOOHid simply uses your dropbox folders – create folders for regional or content-related groups of players or for single screens and just drag the designated images and movies into their folders. Within seconds your content at the other end of the world will be up and running.

Automatic interactivity

Just use a touch screen – ready! No further effort because on touch DOOHid will automatically show a touch menu made of all available contents. Your customer just taps what he wants to see and it will be played.

Fully automated playback

DOOHId doesn’t even need playlists and therefore it is easier to use then most systems. DOOHid just plays every file and folder in your designated dropbox folder. Nevertheless playlists are possible. Another form of interactivity is the screensaver mode: DOOHid plays the content until a customer touches the screen, then it reacts by opening a selected website.

Images, videos and websites

If images and videos are insufficient, just add websites and provide additional functionality – practically every typical web application is possible.

Special Features:

  • Playback from USB
  • Playback via web CMS
  • Automatic interactivity with touch devices
  • Screensaver mode
  • Playback with dropbox
  • Reporting and uptime check
  • Simple installation, pre-installed copies with
    a bulk serial number are possible