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The hottest topics in digital signage unified remote device management, greener signage, business critical require new solutions and fresh ideas.

Our cloud handles all these topics, brand agnostic and in realtime. Where needed, we add sensors and additional hardware to solve your specific problem individually. We are software and hardware developers and our team has been in digital signage for more than 30 years. Among our customers are integrators, IT service companies, big brands and manufacturers.

News from Invidis

DSS Europe - This is on the agenda for 2022


The Digital Signage Summit Europe will again take place face-to-face in 2022: From July 6th to 7th, the DS industry in Munich will discuss the central topics that will shape the industry in 2022 and beyond. Invidis has therefore put four priorities on the agenda with its partner ISE.


Startups and showcases
In addition, we are giving start-ups the opportunity to present at the DSS for the first time. In addition, the DSS offers an innovation stage especially for retail tech, ad tech and prop tech start-ups. With the start-up initiative, ISE and invidis are promoting new, innovative providers.

In addition, invidis and the ISE have set themselves the goal of presenting important topics and technologies in manufacturer-neutral showcases, independently of exhibitors. At past DSS conferences, for example, high-brightness display comparison tests under real conditions were presented.

This year, DSS Europe presents two showcases – an IoT sensor and a SoC showcase. Here the DSS Europe works together with experts from SignageOS and 99Sensors.

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ISE2022 - Retail-tech Showcase for customers


For the first time, ISE and its partners are presenting a dedicated retail showcase in Hall 6 of digital signage.

On 160 square meters, the ISE partners Econocom and 99Sensors present the latest solutions for retail tech, sensors and retail analytics in a retail environment.

The ISE Retail Showcase is curated by Florian Rotberg, CEO and founder of invidis and chairman of the Digital Signage Summit.

The demand for innovative digital solutions in retail is as great as ever. Working with great partners like Econocom and 99Sensors, and with support from dozens of solution providers, invidis created the ISE Retail Showcase to demonstrate how today’s ProAV and IT technology offers real benefits.


The ISE Retail Showcase presents dozens of technology solutions and touchpoint concepts in a vendor-independent showcase especially for end customers. The showcase is divided into four different areas: a retail store, a supermarket, a hybrid office and a command and control room.

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Remote & Predictive - Half of the service calls saved


Based on a management platform and hardware “KioskIQ”, which were developed by Florian Bogeschdorfer and 99sensors for the Hamburg-based digital signage integrator Accenta, the service calls could be reduced by practically half and several hundred thousand euros extrapolated to the entire branch network could be saved.

Omni-Device Diagnostics includes a vendor-independent dashboard that monitors screens, such as media players, as well as sensors and data. The integrator can monitor digital signage systems 24/7 via the cloud-based tool and a small diagnostic box on site.

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Sensor meets screen


Data collection from sensors is a good thing – but the devices must also be connected to the digital signage system in order to enable efficient use of the knowledge gained.

Sensors provide valuable information that represents added value for digital signage applications – or even opens up new fields of application. Here, the technology is making more and more advances; the range of possibilities for which analytics can be used is widening.

It is important that not only the collected data is also used, but that there are also solutions that combine sensors and digital signage systems and can thus present the user with a meaningful complete package.

This is where companies like 99sensors come into play: The sensor specialist from Elz in Hesse not only offers products for touchless operating concepts and sensor-controlled hand disinfection devices, but also offers complete solutions that combine digital signage and sensors for various application scenarios. The technical management at 99sensors is held by Florian Bogeschdorfer, who has been active in the industry since 1993 and is best known in the industry as the founder and managing director of DS Connekt.

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Corona solution - Non-contact touch technology


The startup 99sensors, founded in September 2020 by digital signage veteran Florian Bogeschdorfer, is now delivering its first products. 99sensors is a specialist for hardware solutions in the fields of sensors and contactless technologies for DooH and digital signage.

According to 99Sensors, the specially developed „point no touch“ technology for touch-free operation of displays is characterized by an intuitive user interface and communicates with almost all devices and displays without special implementation. LESR is available as a LESR-PAD for retrofitting existing kiosk systems and as a kit for installation in your own hardware. 99sensors is currently looking for sales partners for its innovative solutions worldwide.

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